Seal Coating Services in East Liverpool, OH, Safeguards Pavement

SealcoatingMake an investment in your driveway or parking lot that offers protection and lengthens the working life with seal coating services in East Liverpool, OH. Rely on the skill and experience of the crews at West Point Paving for application by squeegee, brush, or spray. We provide quality workmanship, using premium materials. Call us to request an estimate for residential, commercial, or industrial seal coating.

Protection from the Sun, Rain, & Chemicals

Asphalt is a durable paving material that’s made even better with an application of seal coating. This material is exposed to the elements, particularly sun and rain, as well as heavy traffic from cars, trucks, and SUVs. Then, too, there are spills of automotive solvents and oils. All of these have the ability to damage even this tough surface material.

To protect your pavement, we recommend seal coating. We bring in our crew, our products, and equipment to apply this protective barrier. There are a number of different methods of application, but our company uses the one that best meets the need of the job.

Extending the Working Life of Asphalt

As a paving company, we work with you to extend the lifespan of asphalt on your property. We recommend seal coating often to ensure protection. The frequency depends on the type of use and abuse your paved areas receive, but generally, an application is necessary every couple of years. Talk with one of our professionals about your concerns, and we give you an honest opinion.

We install lots of fresh asphalt, but that’s only part of our business. The other part is maintaining and repairing this surface material. With regular maintenance, you don’t have to worry about constant repairs or costly installation.

Seal Coating—A Worthwhile Investment

When we spray, brush, or squeegee seal coating, we cover the surface with a layer of protection. This takes care of small cracks and holes in the asphalt and does a great deal to prevent future problems. Sun, rain, and chemicals are the enemies of asphalt, but seal coating safeguards the pavement from the damage these cause. A small investment in seal coating goes a long way toward preserving the large investment you have in that driveway or parking lot.

Contact us today to schedule the application of seal coating to your pavement. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in East Liverpool, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.