Installing Asphalt Residential Driveways in East Liverpool, OH

Residential Paving Services

  • New Driveway Installation
  • Driveway Removal & Replacement
  • Asphalt Removal
  • Concrete Removal
  • Stone Installation
  • New Driveway Cutouts
  • Asphalt Grinding
  • Drain Installation

Residential Driveway - PavedAn asphalt driveway at your home is a thing of beauty and value. This attractive and affordable paving surface sets aside a designated place for parking all your vehicles while protecting your yard and keeping debris from getting inside your house. For work on asphalt residential driveways in East Liverpool, OH, rely on West Point Paving.

Our family-owned-and-operated paving company installs driveways, replaces and removes asphalt, and provides residential driveway seal coating. Reach out to us for affordable and dependable service from a licensed and insured contractor. Call us for an estimate on the service of your choice.

Established Company with an Experienced Crew

Paving Residential DrivewayPerhaps you’ve been parking on an informal mixture of grass, dirt, or stones in your yard, and now is the time for driveway installation. Turn to us for service. Our company has been helping homeowners since 1984. In our opinion, asphalt is the ideal paving material for it costs much less than concrete, is easily repaired, and lasts for many years.

We have a well-trained crew of experienced professionals who come to your house to put in your new driveway. Our company insists on using only top-quality materials with top-notch equipment. You’ll appreciate the results each time you use your driveway.

Removing the Old & Replacing It with New Asphalt

Your old driveway is a combination of unsightly cracks and holes that just isn’t a pleasant place to park. Count on our company for asphalt replacement and removal. What we do is look over your driveway to find out what the problem is. It could be due to age, drainage, excessive damage, or failure to maintain the surface. Once we establish the cause, we address those problems and repair or install a driveway for you.

Protecting Your Driveway with Seal Coating

Just like your house needs painting occasionally, your driveway requires seal coating. This is a form of protection, as well as preventive maintenance. Let us apply sealant to the asphalt to:

Protect the Surface from the Sun

Prevent Water Penetration

Improve Appearance

Protect the investment you’ve made in your home with a new asphalt driveway, protected by seal coating. Give us a call to request an estimate.

Contact us today to add appeal and value to your property with a new asphalt driveway. We proudly serve residential customers in East Liverpool, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.