Rely on Us for Asphalt Repair in East Liverpool, OH

Repairing RoadsAsphalt is a durable and affordable paving material that offers easy repairs. When you find potholes or cracks, turn to West Point Paving for asphalt repair in East Liverpool, OH. In business since 1984, we’ve been maintaining and repairing paved driveways and parking lots for our customers for decades. Call our paving company to get an estimate for repairs.

Watch Out for Water, Wear & Tear, & the Weather

One of the advantages of asphalt is its ease of repair. The very nature of this paving material makes it simple, affordable, and convenient to fill in cracks or holes using a variety of methods. Reach out to us Patching Parking Lotabout your particular problem and our experienced crew recommends the most efficient and economical fix.

Water, wear and tear, and the weather are some of the biggest challenges facing your asphalt driveway or parking lot:

  • Water, usually involving drainage problems, can seep into unsealed asphalt or into tiny holes or fine lines, causing cracks, breaks, and holes that worsen if not repaired.
  • Wear and tear occurs after continuous traffic from heavy cars and trucks. Over years of use, the paving material suffers damage that results in potholes and cracks.
  • Changes in the weather do impact paving over time, especially the extremes of the spring freeze-thaw cycle. We recommend you keep a watchful eye on asphalt during this time of year and call us to make repairs.

Hot Versus Cold Patching

Heavy MachineryTwo options used to repair cracks and holes in your asphalt paving include hot patching and cold patching. In the hot method, a mixture of asphalt and stones is made and poured into the pothole with heavy rollers used to smooth out the surface. This is the long-term solution that we recommend.

For minor damage that needs a quick or temporary fix, a cold mixture of asphalt can be used to fill in the hole or crack with asphalt. However, we recommend the hot method for lasting repairs.

Using Sealants to Repair & Prevent Further Damage

Maintenance - PavingAs water is the enemy of asphalt, we help your paving remain strong and sturdy with asphalt crack sealants. This material is rubberized, so it seals the crack and keeps water from intruding, preventing further damage. When you have a crack or pothole in your driveway or parking lot, ask our paving company to offer you the best solution for your problem.

Contact us today for asphalt repairs that lengthen the working life of driveways and parking lots. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in East Liverpool, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.