Capable Services for Asphalt Maintenance in East Liverpool, OH

What projects do you have that require asphalt maintenance in East Liverpool, OH? Not only does West Point Paving install asphalt, we maintain it for you, too. Let us lengthen the working life of your driveway or parking lot and save you money with asphalt:


Crack Filling


Seal Coating

What We Do to Preserve Asphalt Paving

Maintenance - PavingExpect your asphalt paving to last for decades, especially when it’s well-maintained. Our paving company works with customers, old and new, to keep their driveways and parking lots in optimum condition.

A little maintenance when you notice a crack or hole, as well as protective measures, goes a long way toward keeping that asphalt looking good and remaining strong for many years to come. Ask our skilled and experienced crew to provide you with:

  • Asphalt Patching—Seeing a crack or pothole in your driveway? Ask us for patching services. Our crew comes to your home or business with all the materials and equipment needed to do the job right. We recommend hot patching over cold patching. With hot patching, you get a long-term solution to the problem. Cold patching offers a quick and temporary fix.
  • Asphalt Crack Filling—A crack makes your asphalt paving vulnerable to the elements, especially water, which can seep into the material and cause a great deal of damage. Filling in the crack with a sealant maintains the strength of the asphalt while offering protection from water.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing—Let us save your asphalt driveway with resurfacing. We use this process in cases of asphalt failure from severe water damage or extensive cracking. The process involves a complicated series of steps to repair the existing asphalt before applying a new layer over the top.
  • Asphalt Seal Coating—We protect your asphalt from the sun and water with seal coating. This involves adding a coating of a material that serves as a barrier between the asphalt and the elements. Sun and water degrade this paving material, causing it to become brittle and crack. Seal coating prevents this from occurring.

Maintenance - Patched PavementCall us for asphalt maintenance, whether filling cracks or potholes, applying seal coating, or line striping. Make us your go-to paving company, dedicated to keeping all of the asphalt on your property in prime condition. Call us for an estimate.

Contact us today to make repairs on asphalt paving on your property.

We proudly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in East Liverpool, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.